First project multiplier events took place on August 24th and 25th

Target of the multiplier event are decision makers and stakeholders.


We decided to hold a small event in which the participants were carefully selected, so that people were really interested in the topic and important inputs on the topic of blended remote internships could be developed in workshops.

At the alm

The plan to get all the attention and cooperation of the participants, by having the workplace high up in the Alps and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, worked perfectly. In cooperation with IT companies specialized in remote work and with the support of open source communities, we analyzed their work processes of remote work in order to reflect on a remote internship.

The aims of the multiplier events ...

... have been

  • analysis and exchange of experiences from remote working,
  • analysis and exchange of experience from internships,
  • analysis and exchange of experience of the risks, skepticism and fears of IT companies in connection with the two topics,
  • analysis and exchange of experiences of girls in the field of IT general and in the process of remote working and internship in particular,
  • to involve decision makers and the stakeholder network in the IT Communities
  • to explore new cooperation fields among the participants.

As the person responsible for the entire project dissemination, Christine Baumgartner from Klein & Partner KG coordinated the implementation of the communication media for the multiplier events.

Focused work

We have used selected project management and process management tools to enable interactive and collaborative dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and to create a lively network of conversations and actions.

The event was a medium to develop a debate about new strategies for internships in IT companies as an instrument of professional development and to create collaborations for the awareness of career orientation in IT as a responsibility of IT companies.

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