Online courses as an alternative method of vocational orientation


We developed online courses (MOOCs), which can be used as an alternative method of vocational orientation. The approach within e-learning formats is completely different from the classic and more theoretical information materials (flyers, texts, etc.).

For the management and launch of the MOOCs, we used a web-based open source Course and Learning Management System (LMS) that allows everybody to access, through registration, the course content and materials, as well as discussion forums and other collaborative formats.

Why have we developed this product?

Appropriate mentoring helps young people understand their learning needs in order to plan their future. Vocational orientation for young people has to start from exploring the respective strengths in a possible work environment followed by workshop days, Escape Games, e-learning material and practical experience to test these strengths.

For many teenagers in vocational orientation training, it is the first time they face the question, "What kind of job do I want to do in the future?"

Students often have the wrong idea about certain career options, or they exclude good job possibilities based on strong prejudices conveyed by society or by their direct environments. There is a need for action here. It appears to be difficult especially for girls to explore certain professions in a non-judgmental and open-minded way.

Beginners or interns with prior skills and knowledge are preferred by companies seeking potential employees. But due to a lack of opportunities, it is presently difficult for students to gain this knowledge in advance.

With the creation and provision of online courses providing deep insights into different professional fields in the IT sector, we want to actively contribute to improved career orientation for young people.

Our primary target groups are students and interested young people looking for a job.
As  a secondary target group we see companies who can use the online learning formats as an onboarding resource for newcomers.



  • Contemporary, digital and interactive knowledge transfer, around professional topics of IT and web technology  
  • Holistic vocational orientation, free from stereotypes concerning gender-specific skills.
  • Training and preparing a new generation of software developers, DevOps, frontend developers and IT project managers
  • Teaching open source philosophy, projects and technologies

Work results

The result of our work are four online courses that provide deep insights into the different professional fields of the IT sector: 

  1. Course: Introductory course on professional fields in the IT industry
  2. Course: The professional field of the software developer
  3. Course: The professional field of the front-end developer
  4. Course: The professional field of the project manager
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The e-learning courses are ready since December 2021. They have been tested in 2022 and were officially launched during the go-live event in November 2022. All courses are freely available to the public.

Visit the project portal to access the courses:

Lead organisation

Abstract Technology GmbH

 The lead organisation of this project module is Abstract Technology.

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