International Formation Center

International Formation Center

We developed a design for the blended remote internship in project module 4.

International Formation Center (IFC) is a Madrid based company which designs and manages training and development  programs and language trainings.

The company specializes in the area of international education consulting. IFC provides services related to intercultural communication and expat preparation. Our cultural preparation courses are imparted in Spanish as well as German and English.  Our client list includes large multinational companies as well as small and medium size businesses and individuals (executives, professionals, trainees and apprentices, etc.).

IFC's core area of activity is human resource mobility, which consists of several supporting pillars such as teaching languages, coaching people prior to an expat assignment or further studies, etc. In addition to this, IFC sees the importance of preparing the international company for international workers. In the area of international recruitment, we are dedicated to finding the best profiles for companies abroad, complying with their different requests in their respective sectors, be it the construction sector, the hospitality industry, as well as education, technology and IT.  

International Formation Center has the international quality certificate ISO 9001 as well as the homologate European Model of Excellence in Management of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

IFC has been involved in international projects for more than 12 years, many of them approved by Erasmus +. Our staff includes eight people in organisation and administration and about 65 freelance teachers, coaches, psychologists and other trainers.

Project contribution

Why we participated in ITONBOARD

We are always interested in participating in projects that have European mobility as their focus.

Our expectations for the project

We hope that with this project we can come up with a great way to make  internships more mobile and more attractive.  

Furthermore, we hope to connect with enthusiastic professionals and to exchange a lot of inspiring ideas.

Project team

Alexander Bell (CEO)

Alexander Bell


Paula Klöden (Project Manager)

Christine Ihnen

Project Manager

Maricarmen Martín (Project Technician)

Maricarmen Martín

Project Technician


International Formation Center S.L.
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