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Project week
Project week

Within this module, a guide for teachers has been developed. This guide contains a detailed concept for a project week at schools on the topic of IT career orientation. The central and associated learning content and materials were designed during the course of the project so far.

Why did we develop this product?

  • Project weeks at schools are a good way to promote modern work techniques and give students the opportunity to practise a variety of complex tasks as well as to act in a goal-oriented and team-oriented manner, thus preparing them for the demands of working life.

  • The educational mission of schools is to "prepare pupils adequately for life in society [...]". This includes preparing pupils for the world of work.”

Objectives and target groups

  • During the project week, the pupils are introduced to occupations in the IT sector at an early stage and in a playful way. With the help of e-learning courses, an escape game, the design of their own project and much more, practical career orientation is intended to whet the appetite for more information in the IT career field.

  • In addition, the ability to work in a team is strengthened.

  • Teachers are relieved because the entire concept for implementing the project week is at their disposal. They are therefore not the direct mediators of the learning content, but moderate the week in an accompanying manner. The required knowledge is contained in the concept guide.

  • In principle, the concept can be used at any school within the framework of project weeks.

Project results

The development of this intellectual output was done from May 2021 to November 2022.

Results are:

  • Digital guide for teachers (German and English)

  • Digital teaching material (German and English)

  • Development of a feedback questionnaire for pupils on the contents of the project week. At the end of the project weeks, an evaluation of the project week (e-survey) takes place in the form of a mentimeter survey.

  • Conduct an IT-specific interest test at the end of the project week with the participating pupils.

All project results are publicly available and  can be downloaded at the project portal:

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