Klein & Partner KG

Klein & Partner KG

Klein & Partner was the initial initiator of the ITONBOARD project.
We are lead organisation of the modules "Blended Remote Internship" and "Internship Exchange Platform".

Klein & Partner has been a member of the Plone CMS community since its beginnings in 2003 and has been integrated in its community of free and OpenSource software (FOSS) companies, organisations and individuals ever since.

Remote work has been part of our business from the beginning. We founded the BlueDynamics Alliance (a business alliance of trust) in 2004. Remote collaboration with up to 7 partners, plus some external companies, was and remains our daily business.

We offer consulting, coaching, conception training and software development around web based information and communication.

Our technologies are largely FOSS based. This ensures sustainibility, stability and security for our customers. From the large pool of FOSS software we choose the best solutions for our customers.

Technically, our main languages are Python and JavaScript. Both are the spine of Plone, the Enterprise level CMS, and Pyramid, the web application framework.

Project contribution

Why we participated in ITONBOARD

For young people, vocational internships are an important resource for consolidating the knowledge acquired in school and for the further development of their competences. In 2019, we took the initiative and directed the attention of IT companies in our community to young people looking for an internship.
It is our vision to build a bridge between young people who are looking for a career choice and the old hands from IT.

Our expectations for the project

We hope to be able to make a contribution to opening up the IT universe for young people and outsiders and on the other hand to lure IT experts out of their high ivory tower to greet the young people.

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