We developed a guideline for career guidance with a focus on the field of IT for project module 2.

The TALENTBRÜCKE GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne is a privately held company that has been active in the field of the transition from school to first employment / apprenticeship / university since 2006. TALENTBRÜCKE successfully develops and markets concepts for the analysis of talents and opportunities, specifically regarding this transition. TALENTBRÜCKE, led by two CEOs, employs six full-time staff members as well as two students. In addition, nearly 100 freelancers work with us on a project-related basis every year. The activities of TALENTBRÜCKE are determined to bring together students, job starters and individuals in exchange with companies – all in a perfect fit. Our work is always competency based and we use standardized methods for the assessment of skills and the development of talent profiles.

As a leading provider of talent analysis across all of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, we have in recent years accompanied and coached approximately 120.000 students in roughly 350 secondary schools of all kinds. In addition to this, TALENTBRÜCKE assists and coaches other stakeholders active in this sector to execute talent analysis concepts. TALENTBRÜCKE has been developing and executing innovative project ideas in the field of the transition from education to work / apprenticeship / university as well as employment market strategies since 2006. Our daily business is to work with groups of about 15 to 30 students, mostly school classes.

In test settings with a duration of six hours we test student’s abilities, intellectual abilities and their social skills. Our test settings contain various group exercises with possible controversies. It is our job to foresee these controversies and to help the group members solve their problems.

Over the course of the past five years and for the next three years we will be offering our services in seven regions around North Rhine-Westfalia. There are furthermore ten licence holders of the so-called TALENTBRÜCKE Procedure. These companies provide services in exact the same way as we do. Since 2015 there have been more than 85.000 students participating in the TALENTBRÜCKE Procedure. Today we can look back on a wealth of experience with about 200,000 students.

Project contribution

In the course of the project, within IO2, we developed a guideline for career guidance with a focus on the field of IT. 

Based on a general topic ("My Website"), the students will then learn in practical individual and group work about activities, tools and concepts from the occupational fields of web development, web design and project management.
"My Website" stands as a placeholder for a concrete project, such as a service for a digital library or a school blog.

Why we participated in ITONBOARD

We are always interested in innovative approaches
to put our skills to use and also to look beyond our own horizons.
In this way, we hope to be able to make our contribution and also learn something new.

Our expectations for the project

Our ambition is always to network and collaborate on innovative ideas with other interesting actors in the field of education and transition to work.

This is the case with ITONBOARD and we are happy to be a part of this project.

Project team

The staff of TALENTBRÜCKE are very experienced in the handling and management of (inter-)national projects.
The staff is composed interdisciplinary of graduates in business administration, educationalists, business psychologists and psychologists.

Lars Scarpello (CEO)

Lars Scarpello


Thomas Beck (CEO)

Thomas Beck


Sebastian Albrecht (Project Manager European Projects)

Sebastian Albrecht

Project Manager European Projects

Julia Schneiders (Project Manager)

Julia Schneiders

Project Manager

Alessandro Scarpello (Project Manager / Data protection officer)

Alessandro Scarpello

Project Manager / Data protection officer


Sebastian Albrecht
Diploma pedagogue | Project Manager | EU-Projects
Burgmauer 60
50667 Köln

Tel.: +49 (221) 29 23 33 14
Mobil: +49 (175) 4783169
E-Mail: s.albrecht@talentbruecke.de

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