Project Advisory Board

The project advisory board accompanied the project  ITONBOARD  throughout its entire duration. The members are actors from research and industry in the professional field of IT and open source technology. The advisory board supported the content creation and promotes the quality of the project outcomes, which they will evaluated with objectivity and organizational independence.

The project advisory board met twice a year and had the following tasks in particular:

  1. Delivery of critical advice and the provision of ideas on the goals, methods and outcomes of the project
  2. Transfer of the project results to the (professional) public (contribution to sustainability)
  3. Creation of a real-life references (contribution to sustainability)
  4. Creation and mediation of contacts (contribution to sustainability and dissemination) 
  5. Networking to disseminate the project results

Members of the Project Advisory Board


Katja Hintze

Expertise:   Philosophy, communication sciences, journalism, diversity and business ethics


Ilaria Botti

Expertise:   Instructional Design


Prof. Bernd Gössling

Expertise:  Science, Open Source, Education and Media

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Paul Roeland

Expertise:  Open Source and Plone

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