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Abstract, based in Italy with a subsidiary in Germany, contributed professional expertise in the field of e-learning as well as
deep experience as an open source service provider and training company, which is very important for the ITONBOARD project concept.

Abstract is the lead organisation for Project Module 3, which describes the conception and creation of the e-learning courses. In addition, Abstract helped with the promotion of the project.


Abstract is a digital agency for software solutions that designs and personalizes open source software and develops cutting edge digital solutions for companies and educational institutions including universities, academies and NGOs.

We at Abstract have many years of expertise in development of e-learning systems and are one of the leading Open edX® platform service providers in Europe, working hand in hand with our customers. We are further able to install, design, develop and host your digital learning formats.

Project contribution



We developed online courses (MOOCs), which are an alternative method of vocational orientation.

Why we participated in ITONBOARD

As a multinational IT company with a focus on open source technologies, we want to actively participate in the project ITONBOARD in order to foster young talented people in the IT sector and in the field of open source technology in particular.

Our expectations for the project

At the end of the project, we hope to be able to provide a platform that accompanies young people with an interest in IT in their career orientation from the very beginning... A holistic platform from which not only young people benefit, but also companies.

Project team

The team involved in this project will include up to 5 staff members (project manager, DevOps, software, UX and front-end developers). Our team covers in-depth experience in Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Django, REACT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML5 and H5P as well as experience with the Open edX® and Plone systems.

Stefania Trabucchi

Stefania Trabucchi

Managing Director & Co-Founder of Abstract Technology

Nicole Kessler

Nicole Kessler 

Project Manager & Frontend Designer

Everton Zanella Alvarenga

Everton Zanella Alvarenga

Full-Stack Developer

Laith Massoud

Laith Massoud

Frontend Developer

Marco Chiruzzi

Marco Chiruzzi



Abstract srl

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20121 Milano, Italia

Phone: + 39 02 72 00 70 47

Abstract Technology GmbH

Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße 4–
D-12101 Berlin

Phone: +49 (176) 74725686


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