Internship Exchange Platform

Connecting interns and companies

Internship Exchange Platform

The internship exchange facilitates the arrangement of internships between interns and companies.

Also, with this project module the portal where all digital products are brought together hase been created according to the overall concept.

In the onboarding process, pupils and students are guided comfortably and purposefully to an internship through the portal from one project module to another. All web-based information pages and tools across all project modules are linked by means of a comprehensive navigation to ensure a consistent user experience.

Why did we develop this product?

With modern methods of user experience and a developed navigation structure based on it, young people are guided step by step. This provides young onboarders with an overview and helps motivate them to take action. The portal leads in a targeted manner from the initial process of arousing interest to the action of responding to an internship offer or of placing an advertisement themselves. However, the system also offers visitors many entry options at different levels.

The internship exchange is easy and fast when it comes to editorial work in order to guarantee longevity and sustainability.

Best practice examples from interns and internship providers in the form of storytelling are included to create further incentives.
An expandable multilingualism has been developed. Initially, the languages ​​of the partner countries are used, but technically, any expandability in other languages can be created from the outset to guarantee scalability and sustainability.


Objectives and target groups

The portal with its integrative process leads the onboarders to companies and internship positions via the internship exchange and will bring urgently-needed young people into the ICT industry. It is expected that the portal will be well received within and outside Europe and that it will be expanded to include countries inside and outside the EU in the next few years.

The target group of the project module are schoolchildren and students (onboarders) who will be encouraged in previous project modules to explore careers in IT. This project module offers the final step of practical experience in an IT company. The internship providers who are the target group of project module 4 will be informed, guided and also encouraged to offer internships here.

Project results

The key data of the basic architecture was discussed and decided jointly at the beginning of the ITONBOARD project in March 2020 and summarized in a common concept.

The portal and internship exchange platform has been developed trough 2021 and was launched at the go-live event in November 2022. All project results are publicly available at the portal.

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