ITONBOARD launches student survey to evaluate gamified carreer orientation

June 10th, 2021. An online survey on student attitudes towards career orientation programs in schools and gamified teaching methods has been launched.

The study is embedded in the project team's goal to develop an escape game which can be used in vocational orientation situations for students at an age of 12-15 years. Within the game, typical job situations and knowledge about IT jobs can be experienced. Professions in web development as well as the open source idea are presented to the players.

The survey's objectives are to enhance the project teams understanding of students needs and attitudes. This knowledge will then be applied to the escape game development with a user centered design approach.

The survey is publicly available at

Students starting at age 12 are invited to participate in the survey. 

Are you a teacher in a member country of the European Union? We would be happy if you could encourage your students to participate in the survey. The time investment for completing the survey is approximately 10-15 minutes.

The survey is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French and is open all summer 2021.

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