ITONBOARD releases five new short videos on YouTube

A series of videos on YouTube showcasing the outcomes of their project.

Today, ITONBOARD announced the release of their new videos on YouTube. The short videos, each lasting 1-2 minutes, showcase the outcomes of the ITONBOARD project and are targeted at specific groups. The videos cover the escape game, project week, e-learning platform, guidelines for blended remote internships, and internship exchange platform.

Five short videos to raise interest and provide basic information

The videos were created using a combination of storyboards developed at the partner meeting in Madrid and refined by individual project partners. Text-to-speech services were used for the voiceover, and Animaker was used to create the cartoon-like visuals. After review at the partner meeting in Milan, the videos were published on YouTube for the public to view.

Commenting on the release of the videos, Nicole Kessler for ITONBOARD said,

"We are excited to share the outcomes of our project with the public through these videos. We believe they will raise interest in our project outcomes, and we encourage everyone to check them out on YouTube."

Check them out on Youtube!

ITONBOARD has a YouTube channel where the public can view the videos. The channel can be found at

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