ITONBOARD: The go-live event in Italy

On the 16th of November we joined teachers and students at Zucchi school in Monza, Italy to present the ITONBOARD project and its products.

Over the past months we have developed valuable educational products for young people to give them an understanding of the professional opportunities in the IT sector and especially in open-source web development. The six different educational tools are now ready to use and aim to offer students everything from a fun career orientation experience to an interest test, in-depth e-learning, and blended remote internships all under one roof and completely free of charge. 

The go-live event in Italy

The go-live event in Italy took place on the 16th of November in an Italian school in Monza, where we not just presented the ITONBOARD project to the students but also jointly trialed some of the products with them. In groups of 30 pupils and 5 teachers, we performed 3 sessions of 1 hour each.

1 hour which we productively used to transmit the basic information about the project and its goals
60 Minutes packed with a lot of information on expectations, career perceptions and gender gap focused on the IT sector
3600 seconds in which we were able to explore and play the interest test, the escape game and the online courses of ITONBOARD together with the students and teachers

The students

All the students we worked with that day are currently at that point, where they have to decide what school they will attend in the next five years. They have many different options when choosing the subject of focus for their future secondary school. Among others, they can choose between technical sciences, finances, marketing & communication as well as psychology, languages, arts, etc. It can be challenging to choose the right path that early.

Most of them did not yet consider the option to become an IT professional and were therefore even more interested in the informative products of the ITONBOARD project. Many of them had concerns about the products being in English since they are still learning and improving their language knowledge. We explained that we used the English language for the project products in order to reach all European students, teachers and companies and to prepare everyone for the real world of work, as English is usually a prerequisite in IT companies.

During our presentation we demonstrated briefly the interest test and the escape game. 

The students were especially curious about the Escape Game, as many know the format of the game from the so-called Escape Rooms, but have never played it online. They had a good feeling with this kind of activity since it fosters:

  • the work in teams, 
  • discussions and interactions with classmates
  • their creativity in resolving puzzles
  • their problem-solving skills

The teachers

After watching the promotional videos, teachers wanted to know more about the products of the vocational orientation programme and its products. They especially were interested to implement the following products in their classes:

and asked for the manuals of each. Additionally, we provided them with a lock and some backpacks as a starter kit to facilitate the organization of the ITONBOARD escape game in their classes.

Many teachers fear that a lack of IT skills would make it more difficult to organize and implement the program. After reading the guides and actively demonstrating the products intended for the classroom, they got more confident about it.

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