ITONBOARD: The partner meeting in Italy

The ITONBOARD partners met from the 15th to the 16th of November in Milan, Italy to discuss the status of the products and an appropriate dissemination strategy.

All partners have tirelessly conceptualized, developed and produced the planned vocational guidance products over the past weeks and months. The meeting in Milan gave space to present and demonstrate the finished work as well as marketing videos so that the other partners could provide feedback and final suggestions for corrections. The six different educational tools of the ITONBOARD project aim to offer students everything from a fun career orientation experience to an interest test, in-depth e-learning, and blended remote internships all under one roof and completely free of charge. 

The whole ITONBOARD project and all the vocational orientation products deserve to be well-presented and appealing to the target audience. This requires a well-thought-out and structured dissemination strategy, which was also discussed in the partner meeting. We received some interesting suggestions and tips from the expert Mr. Michael Kraack, who joined via a video session.

What makes ITONBOARD so important?

Europe is affected by both youth unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers.

According to the European Commission, good education and a smooth career entry are key factors to stop this critical development.

We have made it our business to accompany our young people throughout Europe step by step and to provide them with all the necessary information so that they get to know and learn to love both the IT industry and the opportunities offered by open source technologies. At ITONBOARD students between the ages 12 and 18, teachers and IT companies will find everything for IT career orientation in one place - and for free: 

 IT career interest tests, in-depth e-learning courses for students;
an escape game, guidelines for an ITONBOARD project week in schools for teachers;
a program for "blended remote internships" for companies and an internship exchange portal. 

Get more information about the single components on the project website:

Get some Insights and more information

As mentioned before all vocational guidance products are nice and visually explained in short videos. Take a look and watch them here: 

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