ITONBOARD's Jens Klein streams Go-Live from BeST exhibition in Innsbruck

Live streaming and talks to exhibitors and pupils at career orientation exhibition from the project partner in Austria.

On November 30th, 2022, ITONBOARD finally went live. In Austria Jens Klein visited a carrier orientation exhibition held in Innsbruck. Known as the BeST, the exhibition provided the perfect platform for Jens Klein, CEO of Klein & Partner KG, to talk to exhibitors and pupils about the project.

The launch of ITONBOARD was streamed live from the BeST, and was held in conjunction with the project partners from Germany, Italy, and Spain. The project, which began in March 2021, is a highly anticipated addition to the world of IT onboarding and career orientation.

At the exhibition, Klein discussed the key features and benefits of ITONBOARD, and how it will help IT businesses to find young talents. He also answered questions from attendees, providing them with valuable insights into the workings of the project.

Overall, the launch of ITONBOARD at the BeST exhibition in Innsbruck was a huge success, and marks an important milestone for Klein and the whole ITONBOARD team.

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