Partner meeting Innsbruck / Austria 3 to 5 November

The second transnational project meeting took place in November 2021 in Innsbruck / Austria.

It was the first project meeting in presence after the first eight months of the project could only take place online due to the pandemic. All project partners agreed that face-to-face meetings have an enormous positive effect on the progress of the work and on team building.

On both meeting days, the partners came together and worked out a status report for all project results in the style of a "retrospective" in order to bring all partners up to the same level.

The main topics were the Escape Game developed by Interaktiv GmbH, the project week for which TALENTBRÜCKE was responsible, the e-learning courses developed by the Italian partner, Abstract, and the guidelines for blended remote internships developed by Klein & Partner KG from Innsbruck together with the International Formation Center from Madrid.

All partners were visibly delighted when they tried to solve the Escape Game themselves.

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